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Mickaela will make this design on just one half of the body, before copying and flipping it onto the other. This tactic will ensure that her design remains perfectly symmetrical. Unit 3. 3: Going further – long sleeve button down shirt parts 1 and 2. You’ll see the design differences between button down and button free garment flats. Mickaela will show you how to make pockets by using the shape and pen tools, and you’ll get your deliverable for this unit: Create five different shirts in black and white.

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Selection tool and creating shapes. Beginning with shape tools, Mickaela will introduce you to the tools you’ll need for your fashion design assignment. You’ll learn how to size shapes and work with both selection and direct selection tools. Basic coloring and arrangement. Using the shapes you created in the last lesson, you’ll experiment with outlines and fill colors. Overall, you’ll learn how shapes respond to different commands in Illustrator. Unit 1 deliverable. With everything you’ve learned so far, you’ll be able to create a simple item by using only the shape tools. Mickaela will demonstrate by creating a couple of designs of her own—by copying, pasting, coloring, and rotating shapes. Unit 2. 1: Introducing the pen tool.