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So links from other sites need to be done with prudence to ensure better viewership for the targeted website.

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Aesthetic and functional value is also important in retaining the visitors. Unprofessional and bright colors can hamper your image hence it is important to have a professional look for the perfect first impression. Another very important aspect is that a web site should be compatible with all the major browsers that are commonly used. There are many companies today that have come up that not only provide you with web design services but also help you popularize your website as well. Moving Production is one such company providing services like web and graphic design, content development, domain development and hosting etc. For more information on Kelowna web site design log on to . Their motive is to design sites that are both slick yet effective. We provide clients with a full package of the creation of a marketing and advertising plan and campaign to push your business forward into the right direction. We have an in house creative team providing graphic design, copywriting and printing services. The end result is balanced and aesthetically pleasing designs to bring your ideas across to the intended market. If you require a spot in the media, whether it is in the newspapers, radio or television, we have our Media department that organizes booking for the finished designs to get the message public.


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They want to visualise themselves experiencing the success that you provide evidence for. Make sure the design is modern, clean and stylish. Don’t use primary colours like red and blue to make text stand out, it just looks spammy. Use bullet points to sum up what you’ll receive – we like short summaries, especially in a three section column format as seen here. Include quotes from previous customers – this will help the potential customer to feel comfortable with purchasing your product. For designing your blog, click here to find out How to Design a Blog in 2016 Host a WebinarA ‘Webinar’ is a great way of marketing your website and gaining a potential customer’s trust and confidence in your product and knowledge.