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There are currently approximately 300 post secondary institutions in the U.

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The student body ratio has remained steady with 90% being professional practitioners. A number of students then go on to pursue teaching on a part time basis. The program goal is to provide students with advanced problem solving methodologies, technological advancement relating to communication design, examination of historical events in the discipline and emerging theoretical constructs. Faculty: William Meek, Thomas Berno, Jeffrey Davis, Natalie Davis, Jill Fantauzza, Shelley Ann Jackson, Grayson Lawrence, Roselynn Newton, Michael Niblett, Claudia Roeschmann, Christopher Visit and Maia Wright. Visiting professors: Joost Grootens, Mariko Takagi, Armin Vit, Daniel Bastian, Rachele Riley, Tom Ahn and Garth Walker. Alumni include Sameera Kapila, Anita Lam, Shawn Meek, Duncan Robertson, Genaro Solis Rivera and Sam Ward. Tuition: $16,657. 80 face to face; $17,257. 80 online 2014–2015. The school offers scholarship opportunities on an annual basis and has added a number of new financial opportunities. For more information: he MFA program has two year and three year tracks, and a two year specialization in motion graphics.


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For some students, a degree is a means to an end: a new career, a better job, the advancement of skills. Degree programs are sequential in nature, and beginning students will focus on building a foundational skills and mastering key theories in visual communications at schools offering undergraduate certificates or associate degrees. Others may be ready to take on the total immersion of work required of a four year baccalaureate degree. Professionals often return to school to master advanced techniques, explore a new specialty, or refine their crafts. The complexity of education and skills development in graphic design grows with each successive level. A two year degree program may be the best place to start for first time students.