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Often schools will have good relationships with the industry in their area, and keep these businesses informed about their students.

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Or a designer/hospital administrator who is tasked with rethinking the inpatient experience to optimize it for efficiency, ease of use, and better health outcomes. Wefre already seeing this trend emerge?the Seattle mayorfs office has created an innovation team to find solutions to Seattlefs most immediate issues and concerns. The team embraces human centered design as a philosophy, and includes designers and design strategists. The implications of this vary across design disciplines. In architecture, the parametric movement dubbed Parametricism 2. 0 demonstrates the potential of technologically enhanced creativity. Its implications are already being explored in the gaming industry, as we design virtual environments and large virtual cities. Just take a look at the game No Manfs Sky?it relies on a procedurally generated deterministic open universe, which includes over 18 quintillion 1. 81019 planets. While No Manfs Sky was unsuccessful as a game, it shows the direction that eventually will come to dominate virtual content development?the designerfs role will be to set the goals, parameters, and constraints, and then review and fine tune the AI generated designs. But while the barriers to learning and mastering the craft will be lower, the design industryfs superstars will most likely remain unaffected.


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The gtoolsh that graphic designers use can range in anything from exacto knives, to cameras, to paper. However, with the rapid development of technology the programs and applications used to create, complete and finesse design ideas are extremely helpful when used correctly. Photography and the use of a camera, is a very powerful tool in design, and can make or break the composition depending how you use the photo. Programs such as Photoshop come into handy when wanting to fix a mediocre picture you may have took, into consisting of more or less contrast, hierarchy, placement, cropping, fixing, etc. You can also use Photoshop to combine or manipulate images so that a new mood or composition is created all together. Though it is possible to add text in this program, InDesign is the most reliable and easy when it comes to layout and text formatting. Layout, publication, and package designs are most often made using InDesign, for its ability to create grids, and arrange text is most effective. When a designer wants to create vector images those that wont be destroyed in pixels after enlargement, or simply make more clean and concise designs such as logos or complex illustrations, Illustrator is the go to program. Its ability to help designers and artists bring their ideas to life on the computer is remarkable. The discussion about what these design tools can do, led me to think about how technology has affected designs over the past 10 years of development, and how technology will continue to change future designs. Before these innovative programs were created, there was more limitation, and the ability to quickly create texture, overlay and combine elements, structure layouts, and create consistent style was extremely difficult to say the least.